Shipping and Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Place An Order?

Simply add the the item to your shopping cart and proceed to either your shopping cart and then checkout, or proceed directly to checkout via the menu in the top right. Once in checkout accurately fill out all delivery details and click the “proceed to paypal” button to make payment (paypal accepts visa, mastercard, etc and does not require an account).


What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship worldwide with one low cost shipping fee for everyone. Additionally, we also provide expedited shipping services for faster delivery.


What Are Your Shipping Rates:

Worldwide Shipping via Flat Rate: 10-24 Business Days


DHL Express: 2-5 Business Days



What are your lenses made of?

Our lenses are made from polymacon/ polyhema and water. The water content will generally range from 38% to 42%.


Are your lenses really safe to wear?

Yes. Our lenses are made by one of the largest and most popular cosmetic contact lens manufacturers in the world. Their lenses are present in over 60 countries and are worn by countless famous celebrities, singers, and models from around the world. Unlike other retailers, our unique sharingan contact lenses are United States FDA Approved, Korean FDA Approved, Health Canada, etc (see product page “safety” description for more certificates).


Do You Sell Prescription Lenses?

Unless otherwise stated on the product, all lenses are plano/non-prescription. However, we do offer our “Fully Activated Uchiha” lens in prescription, but this will require a special order. Please email us at and mention your preferred Right Eye and Left Eye numbers and we will get back to you.


How Secure Are My Payments?

Payments are extremely safe as they are processed through Paypal, which is one of the biggest online payment processors in the world. Most other contact lens websites only allow you to input your Credit Card information directly on their website; so if their website is ever hacked your credit card information may be exposed. Because we use paypal, you have the added level of security that a 50 billion dollar company provides.


Do I Need A Paypal Account To Order?

No. On the Paypal payment checkout there is an option to quickly enter your credit card details or other means of payment.


Where Is My Order?

Please request a tracking number from us via email or contact form.


How Do I Get In Touch With You?

Please use our contact form.

Or you can send us an email:


Do I Get A Tracking Number?

Yes. If you would like your tracking number simply email us or use our contact form and request one. Please note it will take around 10 business days for tracking number to be updated from courier.


How Do I Track My Package?

Once you’ve received your tracking number you can track your package by entering your number into the appropriate forms below:


Flat Rate (For US Customer)
Enter your Flat Rate Tracking Number in the box below: 

Flat Rate (For All Other Countries)
Enter your Flat Rate Tracking Number in the box below:

DHL Express
Enter your DHL Tracking Number in the box below: