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These contacts feature the kakashi mangekyou, which contains three elongated triangles equally spaced and bent along the top to form what almost looks like a pinwheel.

Kakashi is one of the few ninjas in the world who wields a sharingan who is not actually of the Uchiha clan. In fact Kakashi had lost the use of his left eye during a ninja mission and was given his eye by the dying hands of his best friend Obito Uchiha.

At first his eye only contained two tomaoe and therefore was not fully activated or matured yet. It was only after the terrible death of his teammate and friend Rin Nohara that kakashi’s eye completely awakened.

However, because he is not an Uchiha he never gained the ability to deactivate this doujutsu. Instead we typically see him covering it behind his headband to preserve chakra. And only reveals it when the use of its abilities become imperative for survival or the protection of his comrades.

Later on alot of what Kakashi grows up to become is the direct result of the amazing capabilities that Obito’s eye has granted him.  And for not actually being an Uchiha he has frequently demonstrated — and been commented for — having exceptional proficiency in the use of his sharingan. So much so that other exceptional Uchiha members have made remarks of him having more skill then that of natural wielders.

One of his most noticable achievments of this is his ability to copy nearly any technique he gazes his eye upon. Which has also led to him being known by many as the famous “copy ninja”.

He also demonstrates exceptional skills of analysis and perception with enemies and his environment. This has allowed him to predict his enemies movements in an instant and to effectively use his own techniques like the Chidori with utmost of confidence.

It wasn’t until the unintentional killing of Rin did his mangekyou awaken. However, he seemed to remain unaware of this until much later on in his life.

Though later on when he is fully aware of his abilities he uses an advanced technique known as Kamui. This allows him to seemingly create a focal point that rips through space-time via a swirl-like pattern. This swirl in space-time grants him the ability to suck objects (or enemies) into another dimension. He can also then bring them back to this reality, or transport them away to another location.

For most fans out there it is painfully clear why he is one of the top jounin around and remains a tried and true favorite to fans of cosplay and the anime alike. Now is your chance to own a pair of these contact lenses and show everyone just how much of a kakashi fan you are!

To buy these contact lenses simply add them to your cart and then proceed to the checkout where you can enter your billing and shipping info. All our contacts are sold on a per pair basis and are soft lenses.

Sharingan Contacts

Additional Information

Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Material: Polymacon
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Safety: US FDA Approved, Health Canada,
ISO Certificate & CE Mark
Contents: 2pcs (pair)

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kakashi sharingan contacts


4 reviews for Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts

  1. Kyle
    5 out of 5


    Ordered these after getting madaras. Narutoeyes has the best lenses imo.

  2. Byron
    5 out of 5


    Ok, so I pretty much never leave a review for anything, but I felt inclined to leave one for these. I was set on buying from this site after seeing the customer photos, although they were out of stock at the time, so I waited, and I’m really glad I did. Because, bar none, these are now my all time favorite cosplay lenses from my all time favorite character, Kakashi. I must say they look phenomenal, and I’d say the customer photos don’t really do them justice. I keep looking at myself in the mirror because they just look that good one me. So, I highly recommend these! I might even make a video of them since they are jsut that good.

  3. Ahmadu
    5 out of 5


    I’m getting these this year to finish my entire getup for Halloween. They are probably best bought from this site, as a person who truly knows his stuff. :^)

  4. Jonathan A Chinchilla
    5 out of 5


    The level of detail that these contacts have is amazing. I feel like Kakashi himself since I only use one at a time.

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